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NSA Dating - Some of the reasons why no strings dating is right for you.

Why are men and women turning to no strings attached sex dates? While individual members all have various reasons for joining, the bottom line is that it all boils down to two main reasons. First as humans we have a desire for recreational sex, sex for pleasure. Second a nsa date means you can fulfil that pleasure without having to give anything in return. We have all heard of the term the seven year itch, used to describe the average marriage lasting 7 years before it loses the excitement it had when you first met one another. It doesn't always mean that you no longer care for the person you are with, you just yearn for more excitement and what better way to get that than having a sexual encounter with someone who is not going to ask you to leave your husband or wife for them.

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Below are a few of the more popular reasons why consenting adults decide to join fuck buddy dating sites and that a no strings sex date is the ideal option for them:

  • Married business men who earn large sums of money who care about their wife but they don't love them in the manner which they once did, sex has become boring and a divorce would be too costly.

  • Married men with a higher sex drive than their wife or they are married to a wife who won't do certain things in the bedroom, maybe the thought of oral sex both giving and receiving disgusts her.

  • Single guys looking to gain as much sexual experience as they can before settling down or maybe with the intention of never getting married.

  • Single guys lacking confidence when it comes to women, the thought of not having to worry about impressing them with nights out and expensive meals appeals to them and they are more confident in meet and fuck dates.

  • Married women who's husbands work away from home for weeks sometimes months at a time, they love their men but going without sex for several weeks isn't an option.

  • Married women who's husbands don't treat them very nice, due to family or kids they feel trapped and a fuck date gives them a sense of satisfaction and revenge.

  • Business women who's careers are more important than marriage. They haven't the time for a jealous boyfriend who will be demanding attention and who will expect his woman to do his ironing and cook his meals rather than taking a business trip.

  • Divorced men and women who have had more than one failed marriage or serious long term relationship and they have decided it is better to remain single.

  • Men and women who are single, they simply enjoy sex and feel they are too young to settle down with one solitary partner. Rather than hurt anyone they simply stick to those who are similar to themselves, other adults who prefer the thrill of a non committed sex date.

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